Age 8
1st- Eli King
2nd- Bryson Benick
3rd- Carter Baker

Age 9

1st- Lane Prusabe

2nd- Nolan Peters

3rd- Elliana Schendel

Age 10

1st- Michelle Reynolds

2nd- Kevin Boeke

3rd- Madysen LaDuke

Age 11

1st- Samantha H

2nd- Aiden King

3rd- Dalton VanDerBeek


1st - Grand Shaver

2nd - Emma Ashwood

3rd - Skylar Stearns

Age 5

1st- Kiara Stark

2nd- Madden Mendele

3rd- Gerald Blood

Age 6

1st- Ashley Schaver

2nd- Dawson Sturges

3rd- Tyson Kobes

Age 7

1st- Sawyer Scheadel

2nd- Abby Heius

3rd- Ryan Fick

State-sanctioned pedal tractor pull

The annual hit of the Princeton Block Party is back! Have your kids compete against others in their age group to move up in the state rankings. Come out and have a blast with this free event we know the whole family will love. 


2017Pedal Tractor Pull Winners!