how the tournamentworks

Join us in 2017 for the Fourth Annual Block Party Air Hockey Tournament will be expanded from 32 players to 64 players for 2017!  The Princeton Block Party Air Hockey Tournament will take place at multiple venues in downtown Princeton.  Players of all ages are invited to participate in the Air Hockey Tournament.  However, the tournament is limited to only 64 air hockey players.    

1. Registration.

Event Day Registration.  On July 28th, the day of the Block Party, there will be least 64 spots available on a first come-first serve basis beginning at 4:00 PM.  If all spots are filled, "reserve" spots will be taken should any Player not appear at their scheduled time.

2. Game Time!

At check-in (for preregistered Players) or at registration, each Player will receive a specific time to be at the Ultimate Sports booth to play.  Please be at the location at least 5 minutes prior to your designated time.  Any Player not at designated location at least 1 minute before their game is to start will forfeit their spot to a reserve or standby Player.   The winner of the game will be give a new game time later in the day.  The loser will be done as it is a single elimination tournament.  The Referee's clock shall be the official timer to determine game times.  


  1. Each game regulation time will be 5 minutes.
  2. Official clock to be kept by Tournament Referee.
  3. No time outs or delay in play is allowed.  
  4. Whichever player has the most points with when the game the 5 minute regulation time expires is the winner of the game.
  5. If the score is tied after the 5 minute regulation has expired the players will continue to play to a sudden death overtime.
  6. Winning player moves to next bracket.  Losing player is eliminated from tournament.  
  7. Each Player may stand anywhere around the air hockey on their side of the centerline.
  8. Only one puck can be used at a time.
  9. The puck may be struck with any part of the mallet except the bottom surface.
  10. The puck must drop and remain in the goal for the goal to count. The player's opponent receives one point for a goal scored, unless the offensive player committed a foul during or just before making the shot.
  11. The puck cannot be "topped" by raising the mallet or pusher and holding it on top of the puck to slow or stop it while the puck is on the table.  This cannot be done at any time, whether before a serve or during play. Violation constitutes a foul.  However, using the mallet to bring an airborne puck to the table or toward the opponent's goal is not a topping violation no matter which side or edge of the puck is contacted.
  12. A player may play with only one air hockey mallet on the playing surface at one time. Violation results in a foul.
  13. A player has seven seconds to return a shot that crosses the centerline. The seven seconds begin as soon as the puck enters and remains on that player’s side of the centerline. Violation results in a foul.
  14. When the puck is in contact with any part of the centerline, either player may strike the puck.
  15. The player who is scored upon receives possession of the puck for the next serve.
  16. When a player is scored upon, they have 10 seconds to remove the puck from the goal and place it in play. The 10 seconds start as soon as the puck has fallen completely through the goal and is available for the player to place into play.
  17. A player may hand-serve the puck (use their hand to set the puck in front of his/her mallet) only after he/she has been scored upon.
  18. If a Player commits a foul, the puck will be given to the Player's opponent to serve.
  19. All Referee decisions are final.

In the end, it’s all about having fun. Poor sportsmanship is a sure fire way to ruin a great afternoon of air hockey fun.

Happy gaming!